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A comedy/conspiracy podcast discussing all things in the world of: Conspiracy, Aliens, Science, Space and the Supernatural.

October 17, 2019

Case File 112-Mermaids

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The human race’s maritime history stretches far back into antiquity. Evidence suggests that humans were crossing the open seas as early as 65,000 years ago. Legends of monsters and strange creatures sighted upon the high seas are as plentiful as they are varied. The deep waters of the world were fabled habitats of sea serpents, krakens, and gods. Tales from around the world feature aquatic beings that were known to have both attributes of fish and humans. Sirens, rusalka, and ningyo are just a few of the names that these fabled half-human half-fish creatures are known by. Recorded sightings of these aquatic hybrids have spanned human history from the golden age of sail and exploration all the way until as recently as 2009. Are these elusive beings heralds of disaster, set on luring sailors to watery graves? Are they simply cases of mistaken identity stemming from dehydration and long periods out to sea? Or are they, as some scientists believe, a remnant offshoot of our own evolutionary history? Join the Theorists as they head Under the Sea in search of ladies with both surf and turf in…Mermaids.    

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