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A comedy/conspiracy podcast discussing all things in the world of: Conspiracy, Aliens, Science, Space and the Supernatural.

October 10, 2019

Case File 111-Stargates

The Sumerians were the earliest known human civilization to inhabit southern Mesopotamia. Their cities and culture flourished for well over 2000 years. They were the pioneers in ancient mathematics, sciences, and engineering. Although, much of what we know about them comes from fragmented stone tablets and excavations of their marvelous ziggurats. Controversial author and historian Zecharia Sitchin proposed that the reason for the impressive accomplishments of the Sumerians was their contact with an ancient extraterrestrial race known as the Annunaki. According to Sitchin’s translations of ancient Sumerian texts these beings came from another planet known as Nibiru, which passed close to the Earth every 3,600 years. The Annunaki were a space faring race, with ships capable of landing and taking off into orbit around the planet Earth. Additionally, some historians have claimed to have uncovered an alternate form of transportation used by the Annunaki. A system of portals that could instantaneously transport high ranking Annunaki to different locations all over the planet. It has even been proposed by some scholars that this technology may have been uncovered in the ancient Sumerian capital city of Ur in Southern Iraq in the early 2000’s and was perhaps the impetus for the Iraq War. Join the Theorists as they dial-in and discuss James Spader’s amazing hair in 1994 and other mysteries surrounding...Stargates 


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